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We provide a global network of warehousing and storage services that enable with door-to-door transportation solutions.

At Bajrang Transport, goods warehousing and storage services providers provide a seamless, exceptional level of goods warehouse and storage services in Noida, Delhi Ncr, Chennai, Haridwar, Kanpur. We understand that the ability to store items and containers is critical to our customer's supply chain.
This is why we constantly focus on industrial goods warehousing storage services. Through the establishment of a wide network of warehousing and storage services, we pride ourselves on providing the best services to our customers, allowing them to carry goods everywhere.
The Bajrang transport allows to provide safe cargo storage service with greater speed, efficiency and flexibility. Our network of up to millions of square meters means that we can offer a wide area for goods storage and warehousing. Our industrial and household goods Warehouse Storage Services in Noida, Warehouse and Storage Services in Delhi NCR, Warehousing and Storage Services in Haridwar, Warehouse and Storage Services in Chennai.
Our warehouses are capable of providing comprehensive pickup/pack, day-upholstery / pallets, best stack and warehouse services and facilities. As a result, Bajrang Transport will not only transport your goods quickly and safely, also we can help you play an important coordination role in your distribution network.

Apart from our many operational benefits, using Bajrang Transport's warehousing services will also save your money:

Reduced inventory

Lower Damage Bill

Lower container storage costs

Operation 24*7 Hours Storage Facility Available

Key Features in Goods Storage

Why Choose Our Warehousing Service for Goods Storage?

Our warehouse and storage services include environmental regulation, such as temperature and humidity control, improving product lifespan or limiting item degradation. Warehouse and storage services may make a customer's property available for pickup at short notice or will distribute products on behalf of its customer.

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Location (Concerning Points of Origin and Destination)

material handling equipment

Storage volume

environmental control


Industry synergy

Operational compliance

Warehouse and Storage Services

Get Flexible Household Goods Warehousing Storage Services


We assume the following functions:

  • Negotiating with the customer, clarifying the details of the order;
  • Execution of contracts, delivery, sorting and placement of cargo;
  • If needed, measurement, weight, labelling, packing of goods;
  • Preparation of goods for shipment as per the final stop.

Guarantee! You can be absolutely sure about the integrity and security of your things. Our employees are responsible for the goods and the logistics system works as accurately as possible! Nothing goods will be dropped. In addition, our warehouses are modern premises equipped with all the necessary equipment for any type of shipment.

Our Warehousing and storage services available in Delhi Ncr, Noida, Kanpur, Chennai, Haridwar. We provide warehousing service for other organization’s to store assets, including parts, equipment, vehicles, products, and defective goods. This typically includes inventory management and distribution. It is an essential service for businesses that do not have space or capital to store items, or who may want to store items at a remote or highly controlled location.

How will the goods be stored?

If needed, the goods will be properly packed and padded, wrapped and stored in a closed container in the warehouse. The warehouses where your goods will be stored are fully insured, monitored against fire, dust and pest control. Because we provide complete safety and security of goods.

1.Short Term and Long Term Storage
For this, you have to select one of the given facilities either a short time or long time Warehouse and Storage Services facility. You can store your goods as you want.

2.Household Goods Storage Facility
You can store all or some household items in your warehouse and also get storage facility for storing your vehicle. We provide you with space in your warehouse to keep your entire household items such as furniture, electronic appliances, appliances, vehicles and more.

3.Industrial Goods Storage Facility
Industrial goods are different from household goods and also take up more space than household goods. We have storage space as well as containers to keep industrial goods protected, as long as you want.


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